Why is sales important?

By sales we mean client services sales. As client services, your responsibility is to educate the customers and to ensure their needs are met. By ensuring customer satisfaction, client services work to increase company growth through the existing client base. In an order to create real relationships, always ask the right questions to find out which of your product can solve their issue and offer it.

You are in the business of uncovering problems and selling solutions. Remember the customers are not cheap, they are simply looking for value. Some of the best in sales know that the reason customers often ask how much, is because they don’t know what else to ask about. Educating them by itemizing your estimate and tell them about the benefits they will have or reasons why they should spend. This doesn’t mean they’re Cheap, they are simply looking to get value! (share a personal experience whenever you can). Solving problems create opportunities, the bigger the problem you solve the bigger the reward. Big problems require big solutions. Some solves equires multiple folds of moved and deeper thinking. Selling solutions is the best way to protect yourself from giving free service.

There are two type of customers, the type that knows what they want and the type that don’t.
Listen to the customers that knows what they want. Educate the ones that need to learn.
First seek to understand, then to be understood (Stephen Covey)
The average person can’t hear more than three sentences in a row, so make sure to keep it short.
Customers don’t like to be sold but they love to buy. Education by knowledgeable staff is always the main reason customers buy.

Sell results – avoid selling “methods”. It is not about you, it’s about them and the ending results.
Work on your script. Notice how chick-fil-a employees always reply with my pleasure?
Most successful professionals Don’t do it only for the money.
Sales: Strategize Your strategy should be to arrive at a solution that will be a win for both you and the customer. If you are successful, you will retain the customer, exceed the customer’s expectations and get paid.

Tell about what you do, mention after business hours service if you offer it. Ask the customer about their concerns, mention other services you offer. They might not know all your offers or they might expect you already know their problematic issue.

Presentation — Prepare by identifying common problems and win-win solutions. Analyze the problem by searching for clues. Find problems for which your service is the ideal solution.
Ask Questions — Use them to discover problems then show them where they could be if they use your service. Ask open end questions
Have Patience, New Customer, New Issue, Fitting Solutions with Problems, Asking the Right Questions.

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