When plan your work and work your plan payoff?

This is a true story and probably some thing similar happened to you.

True story.
Zoko is an early riser and usually has his boots strapped and out of the house by seven, Zoko left for his first job and he was there on time. It was 8am when he arrived and a young lady greeted him at the door and showed him the areas that needed the work. She was kind, nice and Zoko almost asked her out! Zoko brought his tools and started the work. It wasn’t long before he realized that he wasn’t talking to the home owner rather the young lady that showed him was the daughter. The mother was a bit upset that Zoko tracked mud all over her nose hardwood floors. Zoko quickly realized his mistake and rushed to take his shoe off.

To make it up to the customer, Zoko offered to help when he saw her struggling on the ladder trying to replace one of her light bulbs. Yes please she said, you might have to move the piano to get to it though! She also asked if can help replace the fire alarm battery and The AC filter since he and the ladder are available. Zoko was kind and took initiative fast. On the other hand, his original job wasn’t completed because Zoko brought the wrong supply. So he had to reschedule for a later day.

Zoko didn’t know this job was going to take this long nor he was prepared to have the right supplies for this type of repair. With everything he had to deal with Zoko managed to wrap up and bandage the problem the best that I can which made him late on his next job.

When Zoko was done, The customer and her daughter had already left the house and he was not aware the dog got out! Long story short, Zoko missed his next appointment chasing the dog and waiting for the customer to get back.

Zoko called the next day to set up time for another visit and the customer replied with an angry tone and expressed her frustration with him.

I believe that we have a problem here! She said. The job wasn’t done. My teen daughter said you was hitting on her, there is three foot scratch on the hardwood where you moved the piano and my cat is still missing!

Lesson 1 be through when taking work orders
Lesson 2 The customers and what they expect
Lesson 3 Protect yourself

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