Whats the difference between confidence & cockiness?

Leave your ego at the door. Give your customers control by letting them drive the conversation.
Keep topics of conversation on the services you offer.
When dealing with customers, always maintain an impartial attitude and respect coworkers.

Remember to keep whatever statements you make short. The average person can’t digest more than three sentences in a row!

Respect the customer’s time and respect their personal space. If you work inside, always be predictable on where you are going to be working so the customer can figure out where to spend their time during the process. Organize your work so you don’t go back into the rooms you finished.

Shahith said : A person is confident when he know the fact better, a person is overconfident when he think that he know the facts better than others. Cockiness It’s more about making other people think you’re confident as opposed to being confident

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