What customers expect from profissionals service contractors?

Customers hire specialists to help them solve a problem that they can’t solve on their own. They expect you to be knowledgeable, transparent, and easy to work with. They will love you if you pay attention to detail and are excited about the job, generous, caring, a good listener, fast to respond, ready, clean, and green. They will be very disappointed if you waste their time and don’t deliver results. Even worse is if you create another problem while solving the first one. Remember how Zuko brought in mud and scratched the hardwood floors while he was trying to solve the original problem?
Always remember that you are hired to solve a problem and not to create another.

Customer service experts state that customers subconsciously decide within 30 seconds to two minutes whether someone does a good job or a bad job in their homes. This subliminal decision-making process takes place long before you even start the work. And if you make a bad impression on them during those vital first few minutes it would take about 12 good impressions to get even. Zuko tried to make it up to the customer by offering to help with changing the light bulb. Eventually, he replaced the fire alarm battery and the filter just so he got back to even.

Start every job on the right note and with a good impression. Understand that the customer’s time is valuable. Upon arrival, you must immediately get out of the truck. At the customer’s door, stay at least six feet away and start by introducing yourself and hand out your service brochure. It’s like giving your customer all your information so they can trust you in their house. Unlike digital conversations, the old school pressure is something physical that can stay behind you for a few days or longer after you are done with the job. Try to place yourself at eye level with the customer. Don’t be the shy technician who won’t even look the customer in the eye.

It would also be helpful if you can identify the customer when making the order. Find out who is authorizing and paying for the work. The customer can be the property owner, manager, tenant, or even an agent.

Zuko thought the young lady was the customer and proceeded with the job by getting approval from the wrong person. Starting on the wrong note can mess up the procedure and divert the results. You can find Zuko full story in the post list on the right.

Ask if you parked in a good spot and if it’s ok to go into a room/open a door. Ask about and accommodate pets.

There are two types of customers, the type that knows what they want and the type that don’t. Customers who don’t know what they need often ask about the cost. Simply because they don’t know what else to ask! Customers are not cheap, they are simply looking for value. Education by knowledgeable staff is always the main reason customers buy. Remember: Customers don’t like to be sold but they love to buy. Sell results – avoid selling “methods”. The customer would much rather have you describe the results they are going to get instead of how much you’re paying for the supplies.

You are in the business of uncovering problems and selling solutions. Solving problems will create opportunities. The bigger the problem, the bigger the reward, and big problems require big solutions. Some solutions require multiple steps so always analyze the problem by searching for clues. Find problems for which your service is the ideal solution. Ask in a logical sequence. Sales experts know that you should never say a thing if you can ask it.

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