Three ways businesses can dodge expensive marketing and still grow organically

1– Market with your product:

How would you feel if you found an extra item in your bag when you received a delivery? What about carpet cleaners who clean your doormat after they’ve finished your house?Many times, It’s actually much cheaper for businesses to give their product than to pay for advertising. Giving free samples, adding a cherry on top, or simply not charging for small items all will snowball into building brand awareness and customer loyalty, especially through word of mouth. This alone can be enough to not only sustain a business but stimulate growth similar to what you get with expensive advertising.  

2- Thrill with availability:

This can be done simply by staying open when others are not, this adds convenient for the customers and it’s a very good way to bring in new business. Other examples are quick responses or being considerate with your customer’s time. There is nothing more disappointing than find a place close when you get there. Or a service person that doesn’t show up on time. false advertisement is even worse, especially when it promises high expectations that were never met. I recommend any business that is service based to take advantage of being available when the customer most need them, tell a customer “At your service!” and you will directly influence their satisfaction.

3- Deliver Results:

Under promise and over deliver is one thing, Under standing the nature of the demand and meeting better yet exceeding expectation is how you retain customers and encourage referral.

Word of mouth is how honest tradesmen stayed busy. not until recently, un-trained service workers had access to media and were able to buy growth with promising advertisements and sad results not to customers expectations.