Thirteen ways young hustlers can better themselves.

  1. Develop your skills. Higher paid jobs is usually the result of cumulative skills and experience. Never before Information is this available. Finding information via books, YouTube and the web will take the place of the classroom and it’s available for everyone that wants to learn.
  2. Pay attention to Etiquette: greeting, permission, eye contact, topic, avoid smoking near anyone, Avoid shouting on the job site, avoid using customer sink or bathroom. Mute cell phone or leave in the van.
  3. Learn from others. Jim Rohn said “All the mistakes you will ever make in your life, have already been made by those who have walked before you.”
  4. Be always positive by becoming a problem solver. Find a way to answer with Yes. Avoid negative talks the best you can.
  5. Appearance, odor, and how you drive
  6. Practice Patience, When dealing with customer, always maintain an impartial attitude and respect coworker (Crew leaders must use direct order and assistant must perform).
  7. Learn how to Focus, time-Management, Self-Awareness, know what’s yours and what’s not. Learn to know right from wrong. Repeated bad judgments overtime will lead to failure.
  8. Master your mind and you will master your life. Allowing you paradigme to shift to see issues from multiple angles, will dramatically change our lives. If you have no self control, chances you will fall under your urge control. Practice disciplines.
  9. All employees, professionals, business owners and investors are all equally important in society.
  10. Sail with the wind. If the winds change, reset your sail with keeping your destination in mind.
  11. No news is bad news. It doesn’t take special powers to turn bad news into good news. The secret behind successful people is their ability to make small adjustments along the way and turn bad news into something good.
  12. Aim, persistent, momentum
  13. Probably the most important skill you can build is the skill of quitting habits.
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