Recommended Operating Procedure For Home Service Contractors


  • Be neat, alert and on time. (If you may be late, immediately inform your customer)
    Professionalism is the key to good public relations. Drive with courtesy.
  • Contractors must have a valid driver license and use their own transportation to and from the job site.
  • Vehicles & tools are valuable equipment. Always maintained & ready for work. Oil leaks on customers driveway can be a deal breaker.
  • Driving or parking in customer yards is strictly prohibited.
    Work your lunch around your schedule, List your service if you respond to 24-HR emergency calls.
  • Plan a head. Inspect tools and equipment before leaving for job sites.
    Mix treatment as label directed (Label is the law)
  • Plan direction and Navigation before leaving for jobs. Texting while driving is illegal.
    Call and confirm all appointments before attempting to travel there. All stops scheduled on a window time basis to ensure promptness. keep customers informed in case of a delay.
  • When dealing with customers, always maintain an impartial attitude and respect coworkers.
  • Leave ego at the door and keep topics of conversation on service you offer at all times. Avoid other subjects, Solicitation (other than service) is strictly prohibited.
  • Be transparent and candid about your errors. Mistakes happen; we are human, and accountability makes us honorable.
  • Hand out Service Brochure, 3 feet away rule, make a great first impression, listen first then ask questions.
  • Always offer necessary repairs and inform customers of the total job cost before beginning.
  • Be sure to use care and caution when handling the customer’s property, Do Not Lift more than 50LB in any way.
  • Offering solutions is the best way to protect yourself. Mention the problem before you start the work to prevent the problem from becoming yours after you finish.
  • Ask customers about their concerns, mention other services we offer. They might not know you clean the air duct, repair air conditioning etc. or they might expect you to already know their problematic issue.
  • All charge estimates and quotes are made according the Boots & Ladders rates
  • Think efficiency, assistants are always one step ahead of technicians knowing and involved at all times.
  • Avoid shouting on the job site, avoid using the customer sink or bathroom. Mute cell phone or leave in your van/truck.
  • Newspaper, Internet texting and phone calls other than work related, are against work ethics.
  • Document any notes on the invoice. Charge only for work that was done.
  • Solicitation for tip is strictly prohibited. instead ask customers how would they rate your service, and if they will write a review online. Ask if they need a return visit in 3,6 or 9 month!
  • Always Mention our 24 Emergency Service.
  • Rest on your way to the next job, driving takes more time than the average job.

  • SMOKE POLICY: No smoking at the office, van, job site including outside customer’s house, or near other employees. Smoking is a bad habit that translates into the opposite of what Boots & Ladders stands for.

Boots & Ladders team members must be wearing Vest on all jobs, work ID card visible. How you look is a direct reflection of how the customer qualified to perform the job to their expectations.

Boots & Ladders only deals with honest, responsible and cooperative
service contractors to join us for the work ahead.

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