Why our service pros are eager to serve you!

We design the platform to allow service professionals to focus on the work they are truly passionate about. The features we built are designed to take care of all administrative tasks automatically, leaving our pros free to focus on delivering outstanding results.

In addition, our system keeps a merit score and rewards based on the performance of the professionals. This ensures only the best and most dedicated individuals can rank with us. Some of the Key factors that are taken into account include on-time service, delivering expected results, and overall customer experience.

Furthermore, our revenue model is designed in a way that allows our professionals to keep all of their hard-earned money. This means that they are motivated to work harder and provide even better service to our clients.

In summary, our professionals are eager to serve you because they can focus on their work, are rewarded for their performance, and can keep the money they earn. We are committed to providing the best possible service and building long-term relationships with our clients.

What is the value proposition from using Boots & Ladders?

Our platform not only offers a team of dedicated professionals but also a variety of valuable features to make your experience as seamless as possible.

With our “Document” feature, you can conduct due diligence on potential professionals before making a decision. We also offer an “Instant Book” feature, allowing you to quickly and easily book a professional for your project.

Our platform also allows for custom requests, so you can custom request what you exactly need from the right professional. And, to ensure the safety and security of your transactions, we offer an escrow service for added peace of mind.

Communication is key, and our platform has built-in chat tools for direct and efficient communication between you and your professional. Chat is a key component in self-serve marketplaces and helps users stay connected. 

Another feature that our users found usefully is the task organizer feature. Users can keep all their project organized and on track under one tap. We sometimes call it mission control!

Finally, our platform is equipped with exact search matches, making it easy to find the perfect professional for your project.

In summary, our platform not only offers a team of dedicated professionals but also a variety of valuable features such as Find a Pro, conduct due diligence, Instant Book, Custom Request, Escrow Service, Communication, Task Organizer, and Exact search match to make your experience as seamless and secure as possible. 

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