Our story

When Omar Kharbat started his carpet cleaning in early nineties, The traditional way then was to list your service in the yellow pages, wait for calls, run for an estimate and if you are lucky enough you will schedule the job. Then after you are done with the job, you will deliver the invoice and weight for the payment. Omar soon realized that performing the actual job was not at all the hard part. It’s all the task before and after the work is what consumes the skilled workers time the most.

With the rise of technology in the nineties, Kharbat was able to put together some codes and started to receive booked jobs which later lead him to build an app for other skilled workers who are looking for the same solution.

When Kharbat sold his service business in 2015, they were spending over forty percent of their earned money on overhead. The yellow pages was replaced by hundreds of other social media and middlemen like home advisor and Angie’s list. Technology is the great equalizer – except for when it comes to trade services. Every middleman wants to get in on the action and eat into the profits of an honest tradesman.

The second reason was difficulty finding help. With technology the new generation had a new interest other than to get a handy job or learn a new trade. We offered free training, certification and many other incentives but the new generation had their mind set on technology.

The third reason is services are intangible, this makes it difficult for potential customers to understand what they will receive and what value it will hold for them. Boots and Ladders is using technology to solve this issue, but first, Tradesmen need to become more specialized.

After selling the business, we felt obligated to solve some of the issues the tradesmen face and that’s an automated CRM multi vender marketplace. Allowing them to list their service and give them the ability to save most of their overhead by automating online booking and payment.

Specialized tradesmen will be able to offer their specific gig for a fixed rate so it’s predictable and users can prepay for service and book directly online. Reducing friction and saving two thirds of the cost. No phone tag, no middlemen, no invoicing, no collection, and no trips to the bank, only what they do best, hands on work!

The local pros that list with us were able to save over 40 percent of their hard earned money.

Boots and ladders is a multi vendor marketplace that saves independent contractors time and money with advertising, estimates, scheduling appointments and collection. Nearby prepaid flat rate services guarantee to all parties by corporate.

If you are looking to change the way you sell, increase your bottom line and Thrill your customers with your service, try listing your service on our marketplace. Our pricing is simple, Listing is free. we only collect 9% once the service is completed and the amounts are disbursed.