I wonder why they pushed college so hard in high school instead of trades?

For some reason they made it seem like college was the only way to be successful. They never mentioned starting a business or even taught students simple accounting in school? They always made sure they pushed the collegiate agenda and never even mentioned an outside option like trade school.

Politician Rich Pezzullo posted on his FB page “Our school system is not designed to make bosses. It’s designed to make slaves. Otherwise they would train our children to be self employed and self sufficient. They do not. Teach your children that they are more than just a piece of paper. Their minds can expand pass the average status quo and that they have skills that can not be put on paper. There are great engineers right now managing a restaurant because they listened to their guidance counselor instead of their heart.” https://www.facebook.com/RichPezzulloNJ/posts/our-school-system-is-not-designed-to-make-bosses-its-designed-to-make-slaves-oth/2486209688284811/

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