How up-selling is the best way to protect yourself from having to give free service

Most customers generally come with good intentions. Buyers are willing to pay for the results they expect. Sometimes you might encounter buyers who are trying to get more simply because they feel like they didn’t receive the full value of what they paid for. There are also those who want to take advantage of you and get a free ride anywhere they can. Some people think since you were able to solve one problem they expect you to solve their other problems! Up-selling is sometimes the best way to protect yourself from having to give free service. If Zuko offered to replace the fire alarm battery and AC filter for an additional $25, the customer would probably decline and cease the requests.

So the next time a customer makes a move and wants to take advantage of you, try up-selling them. They will leave you alone. “I wonder if you perhaps can help me move this couch upstairs?” the customer might ask. “Sure, we offer light furniture moving for only $150 per item, would you like that upstairs?” would be an appropriate response. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you should not be generous. Gallantry and stepping up to the plate without expectation is one of the best qualities a person can have when it comes to customer service. In fact, it’s one quality most successful people have in common. Gallantry!

DO NOT USE THE CUSTOMER BATHROOMS: Customers don’t like it when you use their stuff.

SMOKING: Leaves a sticky smell that non-smokers really despise. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. Never smoke at the Jobsite. Don’t assume your customers can’t smell a cigarette’s odor. Don’t assume smoke odor is not going to spread inside the customer’s home. More than 85% of people in the united state are non-smokers. Most of them despise the odor so if you are a smoker and your job requires you to work inside, make a plan.

Unlike Zuko, professional companies require someone to be at the location the entire time of the service. This will not only prevent miscommunication, but it would help keep some of the unforeseen problems as their problem. Always remember that if you mention the damage before you start the job, the problem is theirs. If you mention it after you get done with the job, the problem is yours.

Nobody knows if the three foot scratch on the customer’s hardwood floor was already there. Zuko failed to plan ahead and protect himself so now the problem became his. Always plan your work and work your plans! With careful planning, offering solutions, and products you can turn things around for your favor. Selling solutions is also a top way to protect yourself from giving free service.

Document notes and job results. This will come in handy incase of a dispute. The judge mainly looks for evidence on who caused the issue. It’s also a good idea to add more detail to your offer or estimate. The more itemized something is, the less surprised everyone will be. One other thing you can master in your game is to familiarise yourself with your contract clue’s language and know the law. This is a must if you want to grow into bigger deals. Education brings everyone on the same page and leads to successful results.

Be sure to use care and caution when handling the customer’s property. Be cautious when bringing in tools or equipment and be extremely careful around furniture.

Message and confirm all appointments before attempting to travel there. Get an idea about the area and the neighbors association (HOA) rules. Don’t block other neighbors or drive on the customer yard. It would be very bad if you cause your customer a dispute with their neighbors.

If you bring an assistant, coach him or her to plan ahead and to keep progress moving forward. Share the end goal so you both work toward the same thing. Their mission will become your mission, and that mission is to thrill every customer with an on-time response and outstanding results at a fair price!

Be accurate. Read orders carefully, check and recheck for accuracy. Inspect, don’t expect!

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