How service professionals sell their customers in four steps

There are two types of customers, the type that knows what they want and the type that don’t. Customers who don’t know what they need often ask about the cost. Simply because they don’t know what else to ask! Customers are not cheap, they are simply looking for value. Education by knowledgeable staff is always the main reason customers buy. Remember: Customers don’t like to be sold but they love to buy. Sell results – avoid selling “methods”. The customer would much rather have you describe the results they are going to get instead of how much you’re paying for the supplies.

You are in the business of uncovering problems and selling solutions. Solving problems will create opportunities. The bigger the problem, the bigger the reward, and big problems require big solutions. Some solutions require multiple steps so always analyze the problem by searching for clues. Find problems for which your service is the ideal solution. Ask in a logical sequence. Sales experts know that you should never say a thing if you can ask it.

service professionals Selling a solution to a problem requires four steps.
Step one: Knowing your product.
Step two: Educate the Customer.
Step three: Prepare the solution.
Step four: Presenting the solution.
Let the customer decide.

Knowing available products expands your options and allows you to develop better solutions. How much the customer knows can also play a factor in them selling themself simply by knowing the solution you’re presenting. Preparing the solution is the main set of steps it will take to solve the problem. This is usually presented to the customer as the solution and the results that it will reflect.

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