How small service providers can grow their busine

  1. Promote tomorrow work with today’s results
  2. Under promise and over deliver by throwing something extra.
  3. Always stay positive.
  4. Be helpful and Become a Problem solver
  5. Save time, money and energy
  6. Think efficiency, Plan your work then work your plan, Ready your tools & equipment
  7. Began with the end in mind. Develop your goal for the interaction. Stay Focused on Results
  8. Work hard and play hard but never mix the two together
  9. Respect your time.
  10. There is a difference between those who know and don’t know. Taking courses and subscribing to trade magazines or joining trade blogs is a great way to learn from those who walked the bath before you.
  11. Stay motivated, service business founded on a successful result. Customer recommendations and referrals fuel our arge to do more for others.
  12. Help your business make profit. If you take your Sales up↑ and cut your Spending ↓ your Cash Flow will go up↑. That was your accounting lesson in one line.
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