How service contractors should handle Challenging Situations with a Customer?

Customer complains usually happens for a reason. 99% of the time the customers received less services than they expected or were promised. If you received a complain, First apologize immediately and say “Our company offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, We will make our best attempt to resolve the issue” Take action by calling your manager, partner or wife. call somebody! let them know you are going to take the necessary actions to address their issue.

The remains 1% and all unruly customers who straight out requests refunds are handled with procession.

Here is ways you can handling Challenging Situations with a Customer:

Step 1 – Strategize Your strategy should be to arrive at a solution that will be a win for both your company and the customer. If you are successful, you will retain the customer, exceed the customer’s expectations and bring home the check.
Step 2 – Develop your goal for the interaction. What do you want as the end result?
Step 3 – Prepare by identifying common problems and propose win-win solutions.

Itemized estimates and work progress checklist helps all parties to stay on the same page.
SIgned Contracts, Work authorization agreement, Release of Responsibility form, Payment and work compilation helps drastically incase releasing payment becomes an issue.
Happy customers are less likely to delinquent payment or become problematic buyers. Fixing the source and addressing any issues is often the best way to complete the transaction.

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