How service contractors can protect themselves in the job?

  1. Familiarise yourself with your contract clues language and know the law
  2. Always remember if you mention the damage before you start the job, the problem is theirs. If you mention it after you get done with the job, the problem is yours.
  3. Protect yourself by keeping it their problem and turn things around by offering solutions and products.
  4. Document notes and job results. Selling solutions is the best way to protect yourself from giving free service.
  5. Estimate, The more detailed and itemized the less surprises everyone is. Avoid mysteries with detailed estimate and full description of the scope of work.
  6. Protect from falling into working for free or making unnecessary earand. Or wasting time waiting for cash payments. 
  7. Selling and offering additional solutions is the best way to protect yourself from giving free service and from having their problems become your problem.
  8. Be sure to use care and caution when handling the customer’s property. Cautious with bringing in tools or equipment, be extremely careful around corners. Assistant must Plan ahead to keep technician moving at all times.
  9. Documentation is key, make notes after every job and write details about anything that might become an issue.
  10. Be accurat, Read orders carefully, Keeps accuracy in mind, Checks and rechecks for accuracy
  11. Inspect don’t expect
  12. Call and confirm all appointments before attempting to travel there. Get an idea about the area and the homeowners association (HOA) rules. Don’t drive on customer yard.
  13. Change order: Discus unforeseen circumstance and hidden damage that can result of change orders and additional work.

Avoid call backs by adding the cherry on top before leaving the job. Here is a script to use at the end of the job: 

“We are done. Is there anything else you would like us to do while we are here? Can you please check and make sure everything looks good to you? You may already know this, we also (up sell services). Our technicians are standing by 24/7 in case you have an emergency__________. We work with all insurance companies. Our business relies on referrals and feedback. (Hand out your business card or a magnet) Show them how to recommend your service in our platform and post a review. It’s also ok to have this statement on your clipboard and read it to the customer. It’s professional and increases business by at least 30%

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