How contractors can prevent mishaps with this two simple tasks

If you haven’t already read Zuko story, you can find it in the side links. Zuko could’ve prevented ninety percent of his mishaps by clarifying the scope of work while taking the work order.

Steps one: The offer should spell out what the job includes and doesn’t include. Being upfront with details and pricing can make results less surprising and put everyone on the same page.

Step two: Taking the work order. Listen to the customers that know what they want and educate the ones that need to learn. Asking the right questions before taking on any job can also help reveal hidden issues that could become a major obstacle. A new customer is a new Issue, you should fit problems with solutions, ask the right questions, identify common problems, and present ideal win-win solutions. Do not be afraid to ask someone to clarify a comment or tell them you didn’t understand. Add as many details to the work order as you can. Be sure to ask: who, what, where, and when?

You should also ask the customer about their concerns and mention other services you offer. They might not know all your other services or they might expect you to already know their problematic issue.

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