Why Individual Service Contractors need to have their own (SOP)in writing.

Take the time to write down your company policies & Script even if you are a one man show. If you have a team, share your company policies and constantly remind them with your mission statement. “Our mission is to thrill every customers with ontime respond and an outstanding work results”

  • Be neat, alert and on time. (If you may be late, inform you customer immediately
  • Get out of the truck immediately
  • Stay at least 3 feet away from the customer
  • Don’t be shy and speak clearly.
  • Apply The Golden Rule to Every Customer
  • All technicians must show company name on every job. (Clean uniform, work ID card visible. Work type pants, work shoe) How you look is a direct reflection of how the customer feels you are qualified to perform the job to their expectations.
  • Prevent Empty promises. Good listening and reading all work order details and notes prevent under performance. Practice to thrill by over delivering.
  • Professionalism is the key to a good workmanship and public relations.
  • Promote with your attitude, by driving,by the way you park and how you act even off work.
  • Plan your day and find direction before Leaving. Practice to listen for navigation instead of relying on looking, Texting while driving should be strictly prohibited.
  • Follow your industry standards
  • Leave ego at the door and keep topics of conversation on service you offer at all times. Avoid other subjects, Solicitation (other than service) is strictly prohibited.
  • Be Generous, easy to work with, easy to understand, transparent, know your product, caring, a good listener, fast to respond, pay attention to detail, ready to deliver results. Under promise and over deliver.
  • Internet texting and phone calls other than work related, are against work ethics.
  • The service truck or van is valuable equipment. Avoid Personal errands! Drive with courtesy. Always park in ready position.
  • Maintain an imperial attitude and communicate with performance and results.
  • Never sorry. Avoid being apologetic. Say how you can fix it instead. Avoid complaining. Mention the positive side rather constant negative views. The same when thanking someone, show your gratitude by alternative action.
  • Courtesy, ask if you’re parked in a good spot. Be flexible and don’t stress the little things.
  • Be flexible. What if you work your lunch around your busy hours?
  • Guarantee your work, do your best attempt to resolve the issue. Selling solutions often ends the problem.
Give first. Every successful person agrees that in order to receive, you will have to give first. Muhammad Ali said “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”

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