Here is how education and experience help you connect the dots to your Niche

Niche Happens

The inspiration of this book came to me while attending a school meeting for my daughter dual enrolment Program. The program allows students to jump start their college classes while in high school. Few colleges pitched their classes to parents and students who are anguished about the program. I almost fell off my chair watching the different reactions on some of the parents’ faces.

Fact is the majority of high school students today are being pressured to choose their career. They only have a few months if not weeks to decide for their whole lives. Usually during the most difficult age. That very mistake cost myself two long years to realize I was not in the right major.  I definitely was not put on earth to be a pharmacist. So I quit! I dropped out of college and started cleaning carpets. I found a niche in removing difficult stains. I had to admit those chemistry and math classes paid off. I was the happiest carpet cleaner you will ever meet. I enjoyed the immediate results of my work and woke up every day looking forward to new challenges. Never use an alarm clock to wake up, use to be able to clean carpets all day long and not get tired. I found freedom in what I did.  

As good as that may sound, I had not found my defined niche yet! It was ten years later before I realized through my work that I can sense moisture. True, I was always a few degrees apart from the hygrometer reading. My gift to sense moisture was actually a skill that’s taught in science classes. Psychrometry applies to any physical system consisting of gas-vapor mixtures. This might sound boring to you but I loved the subject. I can dry flooded houses quickly. Property owners and insurance adjusters loved what I did. Every water damage disaster is unique and requires a different approach. I felt like a hero that could design drying.

strategies no matter how complex the situation was. I loved my work so much that I had to hide my cheer around victims of the damage and fake my sympathy for their loss. Even though I was matching the sergeant fee on some of the jobs, it wasn’t the money that drove me. It was understanding who I am and what my job on this earth was. It was then that I understood what Niche means. 

I can’t imagine how different life would be if I didn’t stop and make a U turn. I’m researching facts and writing this book so hopefully no one ends up in the wrong job. Certainly not for the rest of their life. 

Chapter 1: What is a Niche?

Unique suitable work for someone to succeed and enjoy doing. Niches are often different, new and improved rolls. 

I believe that all living creatures exist on earth to play a unique role. I often wonder why organisms, insects and most animals have an instinct to their Niche while most humans have a hard time finding a role they can fit in.    

If you haven’t found yours yet, use this guide to help you recognize a suitable work you enjoy and succeed doing.

There is so much we can learn from mother nature. The ecological niche describes how an organism or population responds to the distribution of resources and competitors! Wikipedia defines Niche as the behavior of a species living under specific environmental conditions

Misconception of Niche is doing what you like. Sometimes you might be good at something that is difficult and is less enjoyable than teaching tennis lessons. But you might be cut up to be the best for the job. I hated being on call or having to wake up in the middle of the night to respond on an emergency flood clean up……. 

Do it well

Niche is not a job title or a product name

Opportunities: something you can do that not many can.

Choosing one opportunity.

Get worked up. Learn to put everything you got into everything you do. 

Pick a direction and go, If you reach a fork in life, take it! What if it’s the wrong bath. You will find out quicker. 

There is the right bath and the wrong bath. If you don’t know which way is the right way take one. It’s better than not to take any. Even if you choose the wrong way, you will find out sooner than not to take any bath at all. The more opportunities you Pursuit the quicker you will find the one that you want to take all the way to the top. 

Niche is not inherited

Niche does not alway have a name

Niche is like dna. There are no two the same.  

Niche is not necessarily something you enjoy but something you are good at. 

Niche can changes

Niche happens. You can’t connect the dot until they happen. The dots only happen with experience.

Niche is passion with a vision

Niche might not be something you enjoy at first.

Niches are not permanent. Nothing is forever.




Start doing different gegs 

Don’t be afraid to get dirty 

You will have to be mad enough and discussed by your current status to change for the better. So be a doer

Read biography of successful people 

necessity is the mother of invention, Find what the people need and help them get.

Design it for yourself.

Don’t care what others think 

Rejection is part of it.

Life without daring is not worth living.

Invest in your own zing

Consider something you are experiencing, example allergy doctor who have allergies understand patients better. 

There is more money with difficult jobs the same with picky customers.m

No one can always make the right decision

Decide with integrity

We are affected by what we know. Experience not only help us avoid mistakes but it will also helps us identify opportunities

Have the future in mind. 90% of the jobs will be absolute twenty years from now. Smart computers will be taking over the middle management. But that will also open up a whole new niches that not in existence today. Benz advised that whatever you do, must work from your smartphone. So if it’s a service you’re offering, make it available to order from an app.

3 Ways to help make your path

  1. Learn from your mistakes
  2. Learn from others
  3. Meditation and take advantage of being solitary
  4. Find a mentor

5 things to things to get knowledge:

  1. History
  2. Philosophy
  3. Accounting
  4. Marketing and Sales
  5. The Law

5 Books to read

  1. How to read a book
  2. The lessons of history by Durant
  3. Think rich and grow rich by Napoleon Hill 
  4. Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  5. The seven habits of highly effective people By Stephen Covey

5 Biography to read

  1. Gandhi
  2. Hitler
  3. Steve jobs
  4. Malala
  5. Nelson mandela

5 Videos to watch

  1. History of the world in two hours
  2. Jim Rohn How to Have Your Best Year Ever
  3. Negotiation skill Alan McCarthy
  4. S
  5. S

5 Movies to watch

  1. The founder
  2. Forrest gump
  3. Jerry Maguire
  4. The Bee movie
  5. The lego movie

5 Ways to get smart

  1. Admit you hate Exercise until you love it
  2. Think outside the norm
  3. Meditate in and out of your sleep and in the shower.
  4. Practice to Memorize
  5. Learn from your mistakes
  6. Be willing to change

3 ways money can help you

  1. Money makes more money
  2. Money fix most problems
  3. Money buy happiness 

3 ways money can be your enemy

  1. Money can make you lazy and less motivated
  2. Money take away the joy of physical work 
  3. Money create jalsy even lost of love 

3 principles of getting a niche

  1. Get multiple experiences 
  2. Connect them together
  3. Find out a better way for doing something

5 Ideas to find a new experiences

  1. Change jobs
  2. Get a job
  3. Find out what’s missing
  4. Fill out the gab

Communication: is not limited to language and choice of words. Buts it’s best with auctions. Smoking or spetring for example communicate the level of quality going to be provided. When I’m somewhere new and don’t know the language, I smile and make sure to communicate with my performance 

What do you do with your time?

Making decisions  

All news is good news.

Jim Rohn said, getting rich is easy, he defines easy as it’s something he can do. He became a millionaire at the age of 31 because he worked hard at for 6 years. 

of three things.

1- come to America 

2- find an opportunity. Try different opportunities until you find one you can do. Then work hard at it. 

3- find a teacher.

If you will change, everything will change for you, If you stop neglecting what you had to do, you will win.

Avoid complaining. Mention the positive side rather constant negative views. 

Avoid being apologetic. Say how you can fix it instead.

Most people didn’t find an opportunity because they didn’t pursue any. Stop thinking and start doing. You can always workout the bugs later. I remember when we first started our service business, we didn’t know how to repair most of the new equipment. Most of everything changes anyway. So our inside slogan was “fake it till you make it” I was very happy for my daughter when she got an A in her physics exam. A subject that she was having trouble understanding and always have been complaining about. And when I asked her how she did it. She said “I winged it!” 

INFORMATION-bushing vs pulling 

It’s a lot easier to learn something you’re interested in rather than having to learn something that is a requirement. Learning from experience is probably far more information understood than studying to pass a test. The best learning is the once followed a need. Looking up information for ways to make fluffy cake after rowing a couple if bake

Don’t miss out on anything 


Work is worship. Whatever your belief might be, it’s hard to disagree with the following statement from the bible. 

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” 

“One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys”

“Doing something useful with their own hands, that they may have something to share with those in need”. 

“All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty”. 

In many religions, work ethic is defined by the holy books, which mentions the word ‘amal, avodah (work) All these verses stress the need for work and action by human beings.

The Jewish also encourages industries and work ethic. In fact, Israel is a country of only 8 million people and yet it is one of the most successful countries in the world. Avot de-Rabbi Nathan, ch. 21 on the verse: “Just as Israel is commanded to keep the Sabbath, Israel is commanded to work.”


Reading the biography of successful people could be motivational but it also an eye opener. Almost every successful story I have read always starts with a struggle followed by a jump! The jump is the risk of taking action. A feature that’s embedded in all creatures including us humans. I was honored this year by a couple birds to build their nest in my garage. I was able to watch most of the process live as the couple worked side by side. It got very interesting after the eggs hatched but it was most thrilling when I watched the parents coaching their kids to jump from the nest. The chick’s death-defying tumble is from the nest that’s high up the shelf faced with one of the most extreme survival challenges in the natural world. Some checks jumped right off, came close to hitting the ground and flew off. Some others weren’t as daring but they ended up leaving the nest anyway. It wasn’t a surprise that no one failed the jump. They all dared, and they all flew away. It’s that nature supports adventure and risk taking. Also, what’s life without daring and taking risks? It’s a life not worth living! You can find many quotes like that on the interweb.                 

Working Dreams

Joseph’s lifestyle, perhaps even his passion. To Pharaoh, however, work was a nuisance that only got in the way of pursuing his passions.

Don’t just do it for the money. Have your heart and soul for what you do. Be aware of getting rich. Having more than you need often discourages you from giving your 100%. Most successful people learned to overcome that problem and constantly renewed their horizon with higher goals.   

Businesses either have a system or have a sole. No business will last if it doesn’t have either one. 

The most difficult stage is taking the first step. Imagine that every one with a niche is inside a circle and you standing outside the circle. No one from the inside can take the first step for you. Or rather you alone inside the circle and everyone else is outside. Only you must step in with full determination.

Once you find your zing, focus, find a good name and brand it. Learn how to market what you do not how you do it, be foolish for your passion. Find and hire others who share the same passion. Look for opportunities and Compete.

You say someone found his niche in something.

All living creatures are placed on earth for a unique reason. I’m convinced that living together is what makes life. But that’s another subject. Bugs like ants and bees leading the best example for advanced societies. Assigning the wrong function for the wrong member could end up with disaster. It’s important that every member has a specific appeal, position of an organism in their community. 

Prepare yourself:

1-Only you can choose to be successful or continue forking on. 

2-Making the right choices will eventually win

3-Get rid of bad habits and start implementing this new habits 

4-Doing more than you have to, will always win.

5-Your life, your choices.   

Chapter 2: Does Niche Change?

Chapter 3: How to Niche?

Learn new skill 

Some of the best niches are hidden between multiple skills. Take the cake boss (Buddy) as an example, found his niche between making cakes and reality shows. Buddy wouldn’t find his niche in entertainment if he wasn’t for his skills in front of the camera. 

Listen to the voice inside your head

You don’t find a niche by reading a book. You will have to live the experience. The best implementation orders come within yourself as you are working toward finding answers or results. Exercise rushes blood to the brain and also keeps you from zoning out. Some other creative ideas happen during a state of relaxation yet when alert and conscious. You can increase brain wave activity by staying active. Performing exercise and meditation is a great way to stimulate all types of brain waves and access creative ideas.     


Having many ideas and passions could be bad. to Weed out the distractions, focus your mind in one serial obsession with discipline on one task at a time. According to Alice Schroeder, Bill Gates’ dad asked Buffett and Gates what the most important factor for their success was, they both gave the same answer, “focus.” 

Niche Factors

You might be suspechouset or have certain feelings about some ideas. 

Strength, Potential, is it profitable, difference, better  How it lays in the future


Niche in what’s Hot and have the most profit 

Just do it

Funny I should say. Niche is like love, You’re not going to find it until it happens. However, Your Niche could be right under your nose but you yet to realize it. There is so much we can learn from mother nature. The ecological niche describes how an organism or population responds to the distribution of resources and competitors! Wikipedia defines Niche as the behavior of a species living under specific environmental conditions. Now all make sense. Unless you go through the environmental conditions, You won’t know the necessary actions to take. Setting and waiting for an inspiration to come, is not going to happen. Starting to take steps toward going through your hidden skills will eventually lead to somewhere. Take the path and when you arrive at a fork, don’t waste too much time deciding which way to take. If you get to the fork, Take it. As long as you take either way, you will end up somewhere. If you realize you took the wrong fork, STOP. Make a U turn and try the other path. A Japanese proverb says: Fall seven times and stand up eight.

You can read whatever you want. Implement all or do nothing. 


Chapter 4: Market Correctly

Name, Logo, Mission statement….

Do the same again on this one. Right you may have noticed on the contents page that this chapter, Chapter 4: is not appearing although 1+3 are. All you need to do is highlight the word chapter 4: by holding down your left click and dragging the mouse to cover it up. 

Once covered, go to where it says Normal text in the top left of this screen. Excellent. Click norml text. 

Choose Heading 1.

Notice how the text is massive. Goto the size which will now be Jack Bauer, 24. Change it down to 10, 11 or 12. whatever you like best. 

Chapter 5: Fear

Again so you remember to do it if you haven’t deleted the instructions, goto C in the word Chapter and Normal text will work best in size 8 or 9. Title text will appear best as text size 11 or 12. You can now create chapter 6. Write the words Chapter 6: highlight it, click Normal text, choose heading 1, change the font size and you’re done for that bit as I think you understand what is happening now. 

Chapter 6: Make a U turn 

Have you ever been frustrated over someone else’s work that you could have done it better? The worst feeling is paying someone to clean your car and the result is not nearly as good as if you were to clean it yourself. The person that cleaned your car is definitely in the wrong job and I strongly believe he or she is not enjoying their job. The employer hired the wrong person. Everyone has a niche. Manual labor who work within their niche are the happiest people in the world. The Janitor from Bruce Almighty said. “Nothin’ wrong with rollin’ up your sleeves, son. People underestimate the benefits of good ‘ol manual labor. There’s freedom in it”.   

If you don’t know your niche yet, I strongly recommend you wait before you read the next chapter or take on the next step in your business plan. The last thing you need to do at this point is to get yourself committed to something you don’t master nor you are going to enjoy. Millions of people suffer everyday from having to work or study something they are not interested in. When is the last time you got up in the middle of the night inspired by a unique idea? Start working on it and didn’t care what time of the night it is. 

There are many signs you would know that you are in the wrong place. If you are not good at what you do or not enjoying your work, Then you it’s not your calling. If you are dealing with the wrong customers or not enjoying who you are working with now, Then this might not be your corner. 

Fortunate people that have a niche have a clear vision on where they are heading. They are constantly inspired with ideas along the way. Fueled by excitement every step of the way. They workaholic and seem happy doing it. It takes them less time to research and to absorb the information. Implementing your niche will flourish not only with profits, but happy customers as well. It’s like when you pursue your vision, someone else is lying on your side lying the steps ahead. Man discovered niches thousands of years ago. Religions engorged having a niche and stated that God will be pleased with those who try to do their work in a perfect way   

The niche shouldn’t be limited to your product or service only. It should also be defined by the targeted market and demographics. I have a friend in the commercial real estate business and his niches only to buy and lease properties with low overhead. He found better success by leasing larger spaces for less rent to online stores users. Most of everyone else in the same business were building shopping centers that stayed vacant for years while Mr. Nook was already seeing the next big thing. 

movies and writers 

The bee movie

Legos movie

Jerry mcyuer

The profits 

Dirty jobs

Jim Rohn

Napoleon hill

Dave Ramsey

Rabbi Abraham Twerski 

Think and grow rich in plain english 

  1. Identify your Desire  (DESIRE)
  2. Believe you will get it (BUILDING FAITH)
  3. Imagine you have it  (BUILDING FAITH)
  4. Focus your energy on what’s important  (BUILDING ACTION)
  5. Synthetic and Creative Imagination to converting desire into reality (BUILDING ACTION)  
  6. Plan your work (BUILDING ACTION)
  7. Act & work your plans (ACTION)
  8. Don’t give up (REACHING PURPOSE)
  9. Brainstorm and consult (REACHING PURPOSE)
  10. Use sex emotion into achievements (REACHING PURPOSE)
  11. Connect with your inner self. (REACHING PURPOSE)
  12. Receive and send strong thought vibrations. (REACHING PURPOSE)
  13. Trust your 6th sense. (REACHING PURPOSE)  

The secret is that our being already has these features impeded in us, The book was only to discover these abilities making it visible for you to use it.   

Dream it, believe it, Achieve it 

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