Four Helpful Tips when Hiring a Tradesman

For the past thirty years, I have been on both ends of contracting work. Finding a good service is not impossible and the result depends directly on all sides expectations and the actual results. Something can be vemuch solved if both the customer and service provider have the ability to communicate the details before the work is awarded. Here are some important factors you should address when hiring tradesmen. 

Treat them with respect. By respect I don’t mean faking friendship only when you need their service, but to respect their time and not to take advantage, manipulate, or get freebies. You also need to respect their profession and their specialty. In my thirty years in home service, we have been asked to move couches to the third floor, help homeowners move pianos and once I was asked to climb a tree to cut a limb. It seems if tradesmen can help customers solve their one problem, they expect them to solve all their other problems.

Itemized estimate. If your contractor is not sophisticated enough to right up details of the scope of work. write the items you need addressed and your expectation along with the amount you will agree to pay and share it with them via text or email. Itemized estimate is a form of contract that will clarify the scope of work and the expected results before any work starts.             ​

Positive communication. ​Avoid negative words and look at the positive aspects. Suggest alternatives and solutions, avoid force and coercion and be helpful any chance you can.

Say ThankYou. Real tradesmen have pride in their work and almost always that comes first for them before money. Pointing out the good things always pays off. 

Believe it or not, most true tradesmen are generous and often want to give more than they receive. However, one greedy customer can ruin it for everyone else. They often confuse tradesmen with trading and they use everything they learned in the corporate world to win. I’m certain if everyone succeeds at explaining the scope of work and desired results then leave them alone. Most contractors will go out of their way to thrill you with the results so they can retain your future business. Integrity will have to be from both ends for successful contracting to last a long time.

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