Features in the pipeline

Sorting nearest gigs with Gio location

Cards relevances based on user interest

Commission- Free payment system, stipe connect, paypal, square, venmo

Micro-insurance option to homeowners at checkout

Direct SMS messaging with attachments & map direction

Screening: Background check

Automated customer relationship management (CRM)

Home service Academy, online certification, Badges

User Levels: number of jobs, reviews, certification, screening

Document volt for W-9, insurance coverage, license information, screening

Schedule online, prepay any custom amount and book appointment

Connecting locals for the work ahead! 

Teams: home owners, insurance adjusters, property managers and agents can combine multiple service providers to mitigate an emergency work, restore, or build

Automatic Parcel data: provide sellers with parcel information such as the site of the lot, type of house, number of bathrooms etc.

Financing: Home improvement loans

Boots & Ladders connect local service professionals directly with customers. No phone tag and No middleman cut. Developed and maintained by people who run a successful service business of their own. Our mission is to thrill with job results at a fair price!

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