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Listening to this book this week has helped me find the solution to two problems in one answer. The answer to the first question was folded in the second one. The first question is “How we can turn services into tangible products so the results is predictable and allows users to prepay for service and […]

Tradesmen, How to Have The Best Year Ever – Jim Rohn

Best inspirational course that ranks high among all greatest motivational speakers of all time. Zig Ziglar, Dave Ramsey and few others. Jim Rohn is the teacher to so many of todays well known motivational speakers. And his teaching could help many tradesmen and perfect topic for the service industry. Here is the source course. 00:00​ […]

ZERO TO ONE by Peter Thiel – How to build the future

1-Page PDF Summary:…​ Book Link:​ FREE Audiobook Trial:​ Animated core message from Peter Thiel’s book ‘Zero to One.’ To get every 1-Page PDF Book Summary for this channel:​ This video is a Lozeron Academy LLC production –

Think and Grow Rich Audiobook for Napoleon Hill

Credit to Lee Miro Your personal growth guide:​ 103 Disbeliefs about Money: https://103disbeliefsaboutmoney.booka…​ Free pdf eBook on Mindset:​ Free pdf eBook on Wealth:​ The original book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, first time published and released in 1937, is one of the most influential books on Personal Development, in other […]