Can technology one day replace human in the service industry?

The short answer is NO. No mater how advance Robotic will get. Most repairs, maintenance and service will always going to be performed by humans. That been said, Technology and robotic will constantly advance to assist in the service industry.

During my 30 years in business, I have been on both side of the job. The buyer and the seller. And something wasn’t quite right. Good contractors are not tecky enough to be found and the middle man are halfing the rockies. We sometimes get billed for jobs that was never performed while other hard workers miss on sending invoices. It was clear that we had a problem and I knew that someday technology is going to fix it.

I was good with solving other problems and was waiting for a younger blood to take on the mission.  Years went by and technologies solved most of middle management except for service. No one seems wanted to deal with complexity of the job details. Booking, payment, resolution.
Service jobs are intangible and no one can prodect the ending results or how the are going to charge.
Then it hit me, if we narrow down offers with flat rates could help talented hire niche in a specific service, offer it for a flat rate, payment system can hold the money in an escrow until the buyer mark it done.

Having a solution for a problem is exiting and will make you lose sleep over it until you implement and solve the problem. Boot & ladders offer an online market place that loaded with tools to help users find and hire local tenants in a transparent fashion that turned service in to tangible products. 

Technology is the great equalizer – except when it comes to trade services. Every middleman wants to get in on the action, which only increases cost to the customer for a simple plumbing job and eats into the profits of an honest tradesman.

At Boots and Ladders, we focus on two things – getting customers the best results possible, and letting tradesmen keep their hard-earned cut. With a merit based marketplace, you can be assured that we have your best interests at heart! Stay toned while Boots and Ladders complete the work order for the work ahead.

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