Business owners are facing an outrageous call volume from telemarketing

Let technology do some of the work for you. Write instructions on how to prepare for your visit along with does and don’ts or FAQ, send it to your customers after they book with you or when you email reminders.

Sadly, most customers and small business owners are facing an outrageous call volume from telemarketing, an inconvenience that has forced them to stop answering and send all calls to voicemail. This is becoming a growing problem that’s causing phone tags, delays, and a loss of revenue.

Here is few things to remember when communicating with customers.
Feel good about yourself.
Avoid early judgment calls.
Listen carefully, ask questions, speak clearly, and create effective messages.
Practice habits of courtesy and avoid sympathy.
Use positive communication, have yes’s in your replies more than easy no’s.
Smile when you’re texting or when you’re on the phone.
Avoid a phone tag or unnecessary text
Be specific. Leave a one-way detailed message and end with a call to action.
Communication is best done with action. Walk the walk rather than selling talks.

One of the reasons we are building the ‘Boots & Ladders’ engine, is to automate the work order. The technology is designed to allow you to post your detailed offers and pricing, set your available days, and automate your booking. We are hoping that your customers will always be able to reach you and manage their appointment right from your page. Our goal is to eliminate expensive advertisements and middlemen so all your focus is on delivering results.


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