Big problems requires big solutions.

Solutions that solve big problems open big opportunities and are rewarding in a big way. 

For example, here is a made up scenario. You are a patient visiting your optometrists office for your annual ocular exam. The doctor will need to dilate your eyes in order to assess your retina (inside back of eyeball). In order for the doctor to assess your retina, they will have to put dilating drops in your eye, which requires 15 minutes to take effect, and another 3-4 hours to wear off.  Does that sound like a problem to you that deserves an innovative solution? 

Believe it or not, this is a big problem that requires a big solution. If someone from a different background and different paradigm, applies technology that will read and form an image of the retina without the tedious process of dilation- this will solve a big inconvenience for the patient but a HUGE problem for the doctor. Big problems require big solutions! The bigger the solution the more the money! Almost every optometrist will inquire and will own that new piece of technology since it saves their time, and therefore their money. Win-Win.    

For example, you have experience in supply-chain management. Your job requires you to import electronic components. Suddenly the United States decides to sanction imports from China. This gives you an opportunity to bring in supply from other countries. You have the experience and information to know that Ababwa has the electronic components that you can bring in to your country. 

Experience will solve big problems. The bigger the problem the bigger the solution. 

Big problems require big solutions!

Problems are solved by experience!

Becoming expert in solving a specific type of a problem is when a niche happens!

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