15 Easy Businesses to Start

Want to start a business but don’t have a lot of startup money or time to invest in developing specialized skills? Then you’ll want to have a look at this list of ideas for easy businesses to start. Each is a business that you can start inexpensively; some can be started for nothing if you already have […]

Big problems requires big solutions.

Solutions that solve big problems open big opportunities and are rewarding in a big way.  For example, here is a made up scenario. You are a patient visiting your optometrists office for your annual ocular exam. The doctor will need to dilate your eyes in order to assess your retina (inside back of eyeball). In […]

3 Reasons Teens Don’t Consider Careers In The Skilled Trades – Even Though They Should

credit to https://www.wearegenerationt.com/buzz/article/3-reasons-teens-dont-consider-careers-skilled-trades-even-though-they-should 1. They Haven’t Been Shown the Money 2. Surrounding Culture Doesn’t Support It 3. The Traditional Education Machine Pushes College Many people underestimate the earnings potential of any job that doesn’t require a college degree. But many skilled trades pay more than jobs that require a four-year degree and experience. Check out […]

The Future of Service:

May 02 2019 The customer service landscape is rapidly evolving with technology disruptors, societal changes, and demographic trends requiring service leaders to contemplate what the Future of Service looks like. WORKFORCE REDEFINED New skills like a hospitality mindset and tech fluency will be required, impacting screening, training, and internal mobility  New tools like intelligent knowledge […]

Whats the difference between confidence & cockiness?

Leave your ego at the door. Give your customers control by letting them drive the conversation. Keep topics of conversation on the services you offer. When dealing with customers, always maintain an impartial attitude and respect coworkers. Remember to keep whatever statements you make short. The average person can’t digest more than three sentences in […]

What is the leading cause of contractors workplace death?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the leading cause of workplace death is overwhelmingly motor vehicle accidents. Falls, slips, trips (especially on ladders) ranked second. Accidents can be reduced with a simple change of habits. Such as avoiding left turns and tailgating. Turning right comes with its own risks, but there are even more […]

Thirteen ways young hustlers can better themselves.

Develop your skills. Higher paid jobs is usually the result of cumulative skills and experience. Never before Information is this available. Finding information via books, YouTube and the web will take the place of the classroom and it’s available for everyone that wants to learn. Pay attention to Etiquette: greeting, permission, eye contact, topic, avoid […]

How small service providers can grow their busine

Promote tomorrow work with today’s results Under promise and over deliver by throwing something extra. Always stay positive. Be helpful and Become a Problem solver Save time, money and energy Think efficiency, Plan your work then work your plan, Ready your tools & equipment Began with the end in mind. Develop your goal for the […]

Seven tips to avoid worker fatalities on the job

Sleep well, eat well & exercise Pay attention when you’re on “autopilot” Especially when driving, on ladders, using your phone. Be considered of the safety of others Service trucks and vans loaded with tools and equipment run heavy. They weigh more and need more time to stop. Ladder-related incidents led to more than 150 worker […]