Fix Rate For Small Jobs

Service is intangible. It’s hard to determined the results or prices upfront is what makes it hard to deal with it as a tangible product. Small jobs can sometimes turn into a challenging tasks and run the cost higher that originally estimated. However, experienced handy person can forecast trouble and plan ahead with the additional […]

Why home service professionals need to become more specialized

More and more of home services calls go unanswered. Telemarketers are frustrating home service providers and leaving revenue on the table with each of these unanswered calls. Boots and Ladders is the first on demand flat rate home service marketplace that offers their platform to users without membership cost. The platform allow home service professionals to […]

Importance of service professionals in Restaurants

To give a proper definite description, a service is essentially something that an organization provides to others in exchange for some money or something people utilize in their daily lives. Such services, as referred to in the professional environment, are intangible, meaning that they cannot be stored in a way such that they can be […]

The work ahead

Service workers recently spend more time and money lining up jobs than doing the actual work. Not to mention all the idle time they spent on giving estimates, scheduling work, collecting the money and worse of all is having to pay the middleman for job leads.   Boots and ladders is a direct gig marketplace. The […]

Our story

When Omar Kharbat started his carpet cleaning in early nineties, The traditional way then was to list your service in the yellow pages, wait for calls, run for an estimate and if you are lucky enough you will schedule the job. Then after you are done with the job, you will deliver the invoice and […]

Why communication is best done with action?

Communication is best done with auctions. Less talk is better. Feel Good About Yourself, Listen carefully, Ask Questions and speak clearly or create effective messages. Smile even when you’re on the phone, your muscle relax and will change your voice tone. Avoid phone tag or unnecessary text. Try to leave one way detailed message and […]


Listening to this book this week has helped me find the solution to two problems in one answer. The answer to the first question was folded in the second one. The first question is “How we can turn services into tangible products so the results is predictable and allows users to prepay for service and […]

Every middleman wants to get in on the action

Technology is the great equalizer – except for when it comes to trade services. Every middleman wants to get in on the action, which only increases the cost to the customer for a simple plumbing job and eats into the profits of an honest tradesman. We are here today with Omar Kharbat, Founder of Boots […]

Its all in the estimate

There are two type of customers, the type that knows what they want and the type that doesn’t know. Both customers find a detailed estimate very helpful when deciding to hire or pay for a job. An estimate should be in a form of a report that include the findings, recommendation and the price to […]

Features in the pipeline

Sorting nearest gigs with Gio location Cards relevances based on user interest Commission- Free payment system, stipe connect, paypal, square, venmo Micro-insurance option to homeowners at checkout Direct SMS messaging with attachments & map direction Screening: Background check Automated customer relationship management (CRM) Home service Academy, online certification, Badges User Levels: number of jobs, reviews, […]

Careers – Work At Boots & Ladders

We’re looking for problem solvers like you to help us build the first commission-free gig marketplace. Senior Design Systems Designer, Web – Remote Creative Software Engineer – Remote Mobile Developer, New Grad – Remote PHP, Java Developer Wilmington, NC Customer Service – Wilmington, NC Business Development Associate – Wilmington, NC Public Relation (full time)- Wilmington, […]

Four Helpful Tips when Hiring a Tradesman

For the past thirty years, I have been on both ends of contracting work. Finding a good service is not impossible and the result depends directly on all sides expectations and the actual results. Something can be vemuch solved if both the customer and service provider have the ability to communicate the details before the […]

Middleman wants tradesman hard earned money.

Technology is the great equalizer – except when it comes to trade services. Every middleman wants to get in on the action, which only increases cost to the customer for a simple plumbing job and eats into the profits of an honest tradesman. Boots & Ladders connect local service professionals and tradesman directly with customers. […]

Tradesmen, How to Have The Best Year Ever – Jim Rohn

Best inspirational course that ranks high among all greatest motivational speakers of all time. Zig Ziglar, Dave Ramsey and few others. Jim Rohn is the teacher to so many of todays well known motivational speakers. And his teaching could help many tradesmen and perfect topic for the service industry. Here is the source course. 00:00​ […]

ZERO TO ONE by Peter Thiel – How to build the future

1-Page PDF Summary:…​ Book Link:​ FREE Audiobook Trial:​ Animated core message from Peter Thiel’s book ‘Zero to One.’ To get every 1-Page PDF Book Summary for this channel:​ This video is a Lozeron Academy LLC production –

Think and Grow Rich Audiobook for Napoleon Hill

Credit to Lee Miro Your personal growth guide:​ 103 Disbeliefs about Money: https://103disbeliefsaboutmoney.booka…​ Free pdf eBook on Mindset:​ Free pdf eBook on Wealth:​ The original book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, first time published and released in 1937, is one of the most influential books on Personal Development, in other […]

Four FREE Harvard Business Courses that’s beneficial for every tradesman

4Free Harvard Courses Leadership Contracts Business Probability. 6Online Harvard Business Certifications thats will be worth your time and money. Accounting. (OR) Negotiation. Business-law. Marketing Brand management certification. Women-leadership. (or) Leadership (free) $1600 business-analytics. Why be you if you can be if you can be educated and skilled. At boots and ladders, we are straight shooters and we keep it short […]

Market your contractors services in three steps

Grand Opening Forward While more and more new businesses are popping everyday, new media is invented by the minutes. Marketing is becoming a struggle for new businesses. Directories will short live and branding will become essential. You will much rather your customer remember you and search by name instead of continuing to spend money on […]