How to create a training manual for new help?

Most of the independent contractors and their staff are dealing with challenges communicating and dealing with customers in addition to their job assignment. This course is designed to inform service professionals the types of challenges and point out the hidden risks you may encounter and how to overcome any surprises during your assignment.

Here is a list of topics and solutions that service professionals need to know, its a lot of information for someone to remember if not discussed in a powerpoint fashion, engagement with open-end questions, illustration and most importantly is the coach personality. Creative coaches don’t have to stick to the script as long as the idea is getting cross. Expect some of the students to not be interested, can’t comprehend over seven word or over three sentences without a media break or humor

Lesson 1- The offer (brand, media, ontime respond)
Lesson 2- The customer (communicate, offer & thrill)
Lesson 3- The Business (protect yourself, learn, grow, profit)

Over the past thirty years, I have documented problems that we encountered and solutions that later became our training materials so our new employees doesn’t fall in the same trap again. Simply search for topics or choose a post from the list on the right.

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